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Sorry Knox...

I've been a big fan since 2004 and this, I'd say, is one of your lesser works. I've loved nearly all your movies but I felt this movie didn't have enough random and querky humour. Like all artists you have your ups and downs and I'm sure your next one will be delightfully funny. Just please don't go away from your roots. Some of your best work are your early ones. Although they lack in graphics, which you don't seem to have a problem with now, they were very very funny. I know it'd be hard to please me and so many other fans all at once but just remember what got you here in the first place and don't stray away from it. You're an awesome artist, Knox. And I may have made this comment a little more serious then it lets on, but keep going at it.


I want your babies

That was t3h awesome. So funny, and so true. Please make more XD!

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Haha, nice work.

I loooooove PP. I've got the shirts and everything. Good work on this. Nice graphics. They look shmick. The sounds pretty good. Good selection of quotes.

Very nice work!

Thanks to you I now know how to play the Mario theme on my piano! Very nice game, pretty good graphics! Make more!

Pretty good.

The dragon level was pretty hard. You should of made it on key press not on key release. Good game though.

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that is kool, very nice!

sammyfluff13 responds:

Thanks for the review

I'm currently working on the "Genesis - Part 3" script and other Genesis related thingy's.

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